Well it seems video blogging is the new pink, as Tim Leong at Comics Foundry was maing his own vids guerilla style.

Here he captues the con in all its glory including rare, precious footage of Spurge and The Beat sniping at each other on a panel!

Here, always dapper Tim kicks it up a notch more, capturing the glamour and panoply of the Eisner arrivals.

It seems video blogging is here to stay, just like html and flash before it. It’s too protean a leap for everyone not to take advantage of it.


  1. Let’s see:
    The guys all knew how to answer the question “Who are you wearing?” Diana was dumbfounded by it.
    Diana either had no idea she’d even been nominated for a Lulu, or couldn’t attend, and had no idea a day later she’d won.
    The very ADHD/Asperger’s-inducing nature of the event. Jackie flat-out interrupts Chris Staros, who walks away with her. (But does have the manners to return.)
    And Tim’s hurt reaction to Jackie just leaaaaading Staros away–that’s one I understand well. People do that all the time in SD.

    That Diana looked so VERY uncomfy on-camera. I wonder if this is because she doesn’t like being photographed (lots of people don’t), being photographed candidly or by surprise (lots of people don’t), or has, like MANY people attending cons (especially women), learned to dislike cameras because on the Intarwub a bad picture is like a Diamond: FOREVER.

    I found it interesting that most of the men interviewed very dressed EXTREMELY casually, but all the women, you, Diana, Jackie were dressed up.
    I thought Tim’s video was really very good, and a hilariously incisive look at dissing and being dissed at ComicCon is like. I’d love to think he meant for it to come across that way.
    I think if Tim sticks witth it, he could go somewhere with it.

  2. Video? Yeah, I did some of that, too:


    I like Tim’s better, though.

    Also photos:


    And two podcasts: one where I called in from the Con and put poor Judd Winnick on the spot, and another aftermath one recorded yesterday while I was still jetlagged. Both at:


    This concludes the self-pimping portion of this post. :)

  3. Frankly, I didn’t even know an interview was going on, as no one from Comics Foundry had approached me ahead of time about doing the red carpet thing.

    Right before the Eisners there are a million details to take care of, and since I’m in charge, I’m the one everyone comes to with problems or questions. There was a problem with seating at the Top Shelf table that only Chris could resolve, and none of my assitants knew what he looked like, so I had to leave the ballroom to go find him. At the same time I was trying to find a last-minute replacement presenter for Moebius, and the awards were about to start, so if I was seen as “rudely interrupting,” it’s because I had a few things on my mind!

    I’m one of the first to complain about the whole interrupting people phenomenon that plagues Comic-Con, so I don’t want to be seen as one of the perps–

    Jackie E.

  4. First off, thanks for the positive response.

    Second, I wasn’t trying to portray anyone as rude or otherwise. I’m just as much guilty as I am victim of Comic-Con interruption. Most of the time it’s the only way to get a word in. Anywho, I didn’t leave the footage in to make anyone look rude, embarrassed or anything else. I left it in because I thought it was utterly hilarious and brutally honest. My only regret is that I didn’t have a chance to ask Jackie who she was wearing (it was a stunner!)

    Look for more CF videos in the future,