The former comics editor at EW has some pointed observations:

7. Some parents should just be ashamed of themselves. Adam and I crashed the giant ballroom a little early for the Snakes on a Plane panel, and caught the tail end of the Lucasfilm presentation. Needless to say, the 6,000 seat Hall H was filled with every stripe of Star Wars character. We grabbed two seats on the aisle, and happened to be next to this knockout of a girl, dressed as slave-girl Princess Leia. I mean, really, really beautiful this girl was, and not wearing much of anything. Then, she started talking to the 40-something guy sitting next to her. Turns out he was her dad. And she was 14 years old. Now, as awkwardly revolting as it is to realize that you were, innocently and inadvertently, lusting for a minor, that’s nothing compared to the fact that this girl’s father not only allowed her out of the house dressed like an astro-whore, but took her to a place—first among many—where she’d be eyeball-schtupped by men 4 times her age who wouldn’t think she was sad or silly for dressing like that, they’d feel entitled. And, as a father, you’re not supposed to put your kid in situations like that. You’re not supposed to chum the water with your own offspring.


  1. It does seem to me that if she’s absolutely adamant about attending a con as Slave Leia, then it’s better her father is with her than not, no?

    Or, ya know, the guys could just take better care not to scope minors next time.

  2. That’s not the first parent who’s indulged their kids’ whim to dress as a skank then escorted them to a con.

    Maybe it’s time for the con to impose some limits on dress, especially on MINORS? Now? Maybe?

  3. I thought about that, Anun, but the fact is, a 14-year-old should not have veto power over her father, no matter how adamant she is. And a father should know better than to let her attend dressed like that, alone or escorted.

    And these young women don’t have name-tags revealing their ages, you know.