This winter, all your wildest dreams are coming true, when Funko releases a line of Saga Pop! vinyl figures, coming from Skybound.

Saga is the award-winning SF comic by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples that’s sat atop the bestseller lists since it launched in 2012. Staples’  character designs for the cast of aliens, bounty hunters, despots and ghosts have quickly become icons of cosplay, and they adapt just as well to Funko Pops.

The figures launch in February and include Lying Cat, Alana, Marko, Prince Robot IV, and The Will. There’s a The Will chase with a rarity of 1-in-6 and there are also Diamond, B&N and and Hot Topic Exclusives.

I never really got the Funko thing until this very moment. WANT.

But you will want t have them allllllll.


Izabel the ghostly babysitter is available at Hot Topic.

funko - lying cat diamond excl..jpg

Check your local comic book shop for a bloody version of Lying Cat! A Previews exclusive!

funko_ lying-cat B&N_excl.jpg

At Barnes & Noble look for pink Lying Cat.