I don’t know if Pokémon GO is as popular as it was a year ago when people were willing to risk traffic accidents to catch those adorkable Pocket Monsters. But apparently people are still playing the mobile game as for the second year in a row Niantic has introduced a special Halloween event from now until November 2nd.

Some of the treats for players during the event include double candy rewards, increased spawning of spooky Pokémon like Houndour and Ghastly, and a special Pikachu wearing a witch’s hat similar to what they’ve done with previous themed events.

But probably the most exciting news is the introduction of some of the Gen 3 monsters from the Hoenn region such as uskull, Dusclops, Sableye, Shuppet, and Banette.

Expect the rest of the Hoenn Pokémon to be rolled out sometime in December.

I only kept up with the first 250 Pokémon and was completely lost when they introduced the whole Pokémon Contests feature in the original games. Let’s see how far Niantic can go until it makes ALL Pokémon available for Pokémon GO.


  1. I bit the bullet and bought Pokecoins so I could increase my storage size, since the default is still set at 250 Pokemon.and it doesn’t look like Niantic will increase it even when the Gen 3 set arrives completely. They expect players to earn Pokecoins in gyms, and I don’t do the gym thing, I just collect the Pokemon…

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