Color me a dope for mentioning this as March is ticking down, but Beat favorite Jen Lee (Thunderpaw, Vacancy) is the Guest Artist in the OOSA (Out of Step Arts) Print Shop this month.
“Runaway” is a limited release print and it will only be available in March. The giclée print is printed on A4 sized (8.27 × 11.69 inches) 250gsm Awagami bamboo paper using Ultrachrome inks. In other words, this is a nice looking print. Go get ’em!
OOSA is an online art store that features a collective of artists including Andrew MacLean, Ming Doyle, Toby Cypress and Liz Suburbia, and many other fine folks. Every month they have a Guest Artist however, and here’s the line-up for the rest of 2016:
March – Jen Lee
April – Chris Brunner/Rico Renzi
May – Dilraj Mann
June – Bagger43


July – Alex Beck
August – Sishir Bommakanti
September – Paul Pope
October – Alison Sampson
November – Jeffrey Alan Love
As you can see, lots of good looking art, so just poke around the website to find more.