Things are a bit odd here at Stately Beat Manor as I’m prepping to go to WonderCon, and then I’m taking a sort of working vacation, and in order to go on vacation you have to take care of everything else in your life first, so by the time you leave you are really ready for a vacation. It won’t be a real vacation because I’ll still be writing every day. The next few days should be very interesting in the comics industry and I have no intention of skipping out on them.

Plus. how can I miss the debut of WonderCon in Los Angeles! I know there are several comicksy shows that take place in downtown LA, but this is the first of the “third biggest cons in the US” shows to take place there, and given the constant rumor that SDCC will move to LA, it’s time to see, first hand, just what it’s like. And I intend to answer the most important questions. Are the homeless people scary or friendly? Will there be bathrooms? Will there be enough coffee kiosks? Will your feet hurt? Where is the room with the big panels and Chris Hardwick? Where is the subway?

WonderCon is also the debut of CCI’s new RFID technology for badges so that’s another thing to take note of. You will need to tap in and out just as you do at NYCC, but for WonderCon you tap with an inanimate object and not a person.

Anyway, Heidi postings will be erratic over the next while. But hopefully this huge disappointment for our millions of fans will be made up for by some Very Special Content we’re working on. And we’ll have a complete squad of Elite Beat Operatives on hand at WonderCon as well. So this is going to be fun.

BTW, apparently the LA Convention Center is undergoing its OWN plans for expansion and revitalization, along with the kind of haggling that will be familiar to anyone who follows these kinds of civic stories.
But if they find a way to pay for it, the result will look vaguely like a Bob Peak drawing, as you can see above, and that’s exciting. When I started writing about comics I never thought that would make me an amateur Kremlinologist about west coast convention centers, but there you go.