Terry Moore, creator of the series Rachel Rising, has set up a competition which offers the lucky winner a chance to get brutally murdered within the pages of an upcoming issue. Would you like to be horribly savaged by a ten year old girl? Then read on.


The competition hinges around the character of Zoe, the incredibly scary 10-year old serial killer who has been cutting a swathe through the series for quite a while now. Whoever wins the contest will be drawn into an upcoming issue as her next victim – gaining immortality through death.

To enter the competition, Moore asks two things:

1. Put the words RACHEL RISING on display to the public and send me a photo.

2. Do not deface somebody else’s property.

That’s it. Those are the rules. The winning photo will capture either a very public display of RACHEL RISING, or your photo was taken in private but is so beautiful cool it goes viral. So a homemade RACHEL RISING T-shirt has just as much chance of winning as the owner of a building who drops a banner down one side, depending on the T-shirt photo’s number of internet reposts. Creativity and fun will level the playing field.

It can be big scale or small, pro or amateur, the thing is how many people saw it at the time, or see it in reposts. Either the winning moment is in the photograph or it’s in the viral activity once the photo is posted. It’s all about exposure and how creative you were to get it. You can hold a sign up at the Super Bowl or write RACHEL RISING all over yourself with a Sharpie. Write RACHEL RISING in huge letters in the snowy slope downtown or pin a sign on auntie’s butt and follow her around the mall taking pictures. Just have fun, because a photo posted online with 800 likes would be a stronger candidate than a photo taken in front of 50 people.

Unless the photo with 50 people went viral. That would be cool, too. The more exposure for RACHEL RISING the better. I will choose the winner based on equal parts creativity/fun/public exposure of the words RACHEL RISING, either during the shot or after the shot is posted.

The winner will be killed off in an upcoming issue of the series, and will also get the original page – and the brush that created the page. Go forth! Celebrate Rachel Rising! If you’re lucky, you might get killed!

More details can be found here.


  1. This is a great book that more people should be reading. Terry is one of comics’ greatest treasures.

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