Pedigree Chum 30/01/14: Après Moi le Déluge

Hey! How about that? A bit of French to start things off, how fancy and educational we’re all being this morning. Heidi’s swanned off to France to drink Cognac and Coffee for a few days, leaving the rest of us here to wander the vast wasteland of the internet, stood in the shadow of a tower of desolation.

Unless some enterprising young sod were to share a bit of link-blogging with the World, that is! Written on a Windows 97 computer that sounds closer and closer to death with each link blogged and audibly wept when I tried to insert a picture.

So, hurray, here’s a quick round up to keep us going for the time being until a proper blogger comes back and sorts this place out.


Paul Karasik has been sent off to France for Comics Reporter, and will be doing reports on behalf of the site. Suggestions that the website should subsequently be renamed “Comics Reporters” have yet to be responded to.

There’s an extensive interview with David Lloyd on Comics Bulletin, conducted by Jason Sacks, who could interview a two-legged glass table and have it be interesting.

Over on Comics and Cola, Zainab’s feature ‘Comics Shelfie’ continues apace, with cartoonist Thomas Wellman sharing his bookshelves with the world.

Boom Studios have started teasing a series from James Tynion IV – his first creator-owned book, perhaps? – and Michael Dialynas

Daniel Clifford writes about some of the things he’s learned in the process of making his first two big comics projects, Sugar Glider and Halcyon & Tenderfoot.

No article in particular, but consider this a reminder to pop over to the Forbidden Planet Blog more often.

Tim Gibson, whose series Moth City has been a highlight of Thrillbent Comics, will be releasing a standalone prequel to the series called The Reservoir. You can find more about that over on this Robot6 report.

Some berk wrote an article wondering if any comic book characters have “broken out” within the last ten or so years, and concludes that – hey! A handful of characters may well have done so. Fancy that.

And finally – Johanna Draper Carlson’s list of the best graphic novels of 2013.

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