This week, Terry Moore‘s Abstract Studios released Strangers in Paradise, Volume 2. The 480-page softcover collection is part of a four-volume series collecting all of Moore’s seminal series. With the second volume now in stores, The Beat is pleased to offer a free look at the entirety of the first issue of Strangers in Paradise.

Here’s how Abstract describes Strangers in Paradise, Volume 2:

When the sins of the past refuse to let her go, Katchoo has no choice but to leave Francine behind and return to L.A. to settle the debt. While Francine struggles to understand Katchoo’s other life she soon realizes her friend needs help. Enlisting the aid of Detective Walsh, Francine learns Katchoo’s problem is bigger than Darcy Parker-six times bigger to be exact. Fortunately, there is one person willing take on The Big Six crime syndicate and bring it down from the inside, but she’ll need Katchoo’s special talents to make it work!

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Moore’s launch of Strangers in Paradise. The first of the new softcover collections of the series was released in June; volume 3 of the collections is due out in February of 2024, with volume 4 planned for release in June. Hardcover editions of each volume are also available through the Abstract Studios webstore.

But enough yapping from us. Here’s the complete Strangers in Paradise #1 for your reading pleasure.

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