Welcome to this week’s installment of The Beat’s Comics Crowdfunding Round-Up! Come with us to learn about an anthology of fun, a thief of a few words, a horror comedy, and more!


So Buttons: Film School

Creators: Jonathan Baylis (writer) alongside various artists, such as Karl Christian Krumpolz (cover illustrator), Tony Wolf (artist), Joe Zabel (artist), and more!

Goal: $1,973

End Date: Nov. 16

Goodies: A digital and physical copy, variants, limited items, and more!

So Buttons is an anthology of fun, heartwarming, true stories. One life (mine!) interpreted by many amazing artists

My life is a life surrounded by comix, celebrity, and coincidence and So Buttons collects it all in one lovely package.

I’ve been making fun, true, collaborative comics for over 10 years. I love working with so many great artists and I love PAYING them. Nothing is for exposure here, except my soul. I do a book a year, every year. And you can buy them all here!

So Buttons is a creative way to tell a story through the eyes and work of many different artists. The art is great, each issue is meant to make you think, and as a creative piece of work, it’s worth having in your own comic collection. With over $2,000 crowdfunded, it’s no secret others want to see what’s coming for So Buttons and we at The Beat believe this is a Kickstarter worth joining.

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Jacques and the Great Art Theft

Creators: Chris Baldie (writer and artist), Adrian Bloch (colorist)

Goal: $3,042

End Date: Nov. 22

Goodies: A digital and physical copy, a hardback exclusive, and many of Baldie’s other works!

Jacques and the Great Art Theft is an all-ages book that follows our titular character Jacques as he undertakes his greatest job yet: to break into the city’s gallery and liberate its finest work.

Follow our nocturnal thief as he makes his way across rooftops, traverses great heights, and sneaks his way past guards to get at the treasures within.

The story is almost entirely without dialogue, so it can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of language!

This is also a standalone story, so there’s no need to worry about knowing any canon or figuring out how to find the 47 back issues of a series you only just found out about.

Jaques and the Great Art Theft caught our attention with its colorful pages and wonderful art. To then follow that up with an almost wordless comic that spins its story through the emotive nature of the characters within made this a charming and loveable experience for every kind of comic collector. Baldie has something special in the works with Jaques and the Great Art Theft and we at The Beat think it’s worth keeping a close eye on its release. With over $4,000 crowdfunded, this comic is already collecting great interest!

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Everyday Fears: A Slice-of-life Horror Comic Anthology

Creators: Matt McGrath (writer) and other artists, such as V. Gagnon (artist), Brendan Tobin (artist), and more!

Goal: $4,200

End Date: Nov. 16

Goodies: A digital and physical copy, and more of McGraths works!

Everyday Fears is a 40-page horror comedy anthology featuring 6 slice-of-life horror tales. Each story features a monster dealing with everyday problems and showcases a more mundane side of the paranormal.

The stories are all written by Toronto comic creator and writer Matt McGrath and illustrated by some of the best artists working in independent comics today!

Everyday Fears features four previously published stories (some of which will be their first time in print!) plus two new stories original to this anthology–Daddy Damndest and The Lanky Man.

Everyday Fears caught my attention with its chaotic yet charming cover art. As you scroll down their Kickstarter page, you encounter panels for each of the stories inside. “Daddy Damndest” was the first one that came up, showing someone offering a demon almond butter zucchini banana muffins instead of a blood sacrifice because they went vegan. Suffice it to say, we at The Beat were sold. Everyday Fears promises to be a fantastic addition to your collection, and what better timing than with Halloween just around the corner.

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A Scoundrel’s Vow: A Fantasy Comic Book One Shot

Creators: Tommy Kulik (writer), Tyler Villano Maron (co-writer), Tom Hoskisson (artist), Rebecca Good (colorist), and Allison O’Toole (editor)

Goal: $17,000

End Date: Nov. 23

Goodies: A digital and physical copy, digital commissions, and some of their past work!

In the city of magic, Genevieve, a knight who’s lost her honor, struggles to find meaning in her life. Then an old friend reappears with promises of retribution against the Arcane rulers that destroyed Genevieve’s life. They’ll hit where it will hurt most: their deep pockets. To get back at the city elite, Genevieve will have to join a party balanced for the perfect heist–a master of disguise, a roguish thief, and a gadgets expert–and take…A Scoundrel’s Vow.

A Scoundrel’s Vow is tailor-made for fantasy enthusiasts, all encapsulated within a captivating 48-page comic book. A disgraced soldier, endeavoring to reclaim their life, reluctantly joins forces with thieves to retaliate against those responsible for the annihilation of everything meaningful to them. A fun and intense Dungeons & Dragons-like adventure, with fantastic art, eye-catching characters, and a compelling narrative. These are just some of the things that make A Scoundrel’s Vow stand out to us, for that reason, we at The Beat are anticipating its release!

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Creators: Matt Wagner (writer) and Kelley Jones (artist)

Goal: $666

End Date: Nov. 16

Goodies: Digital and physical edition, hardcover by Jones, hardcover variant by Wagner, a limited edition Dracula hardcover, and more!

Comic Book Legends Matt Wagner and Kelley Jones are collaborating on a major project for the first time ever in a series of all-new, 100+-page graphic novels.

Bram Stoker’s classic novel creates and portrays arguably the most famous character in horror literature but it leaves many aspects of Dracula’s history and persona only hinted at and thus, incredibly intriguing and mysterious. This series of books will fill in these tantalizing gaps and provide a more complete and terrifying portrait of one of the most popular literary characters of all time

Two legends collaborating on a comic about the king of vampires, announced during Halloween time? Readers would be more than interested, and they proved that after crowdfunding over $85,000 out of a $666 goal (haha). We, at The Beat, agree that with stunning otherworldly visuals, two vastly experienced creators, and an iconic character, Dracula is a must-have for any comic collector or horror enthusiast!

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