We’re only a week away until the Invincible Season 2 arrives on Prime Video. Keep your eyes peeled for our press coverage and review next week. In the meantime, now’s a good a time as any for a rewatch. Something you’ll immediately notice in the very first episode is young Mark Grayson sporting a peculiar Canada shirt. It’s something that has perplexed fans with theories abounding such as it being a reference to the involvement of various Canadian creatives and the animation studio being located in Canada. Some have even wondered if it’s an indication that Invincible is set in Canada. As it turns out, the explanation is even simpler than that.

This week, Screen Junkies released an Honest Trailer reaction video featuring Invincible creator Robert Kirkman. Around the 1:40 mark, Kirkman finally dishes on the secret behind young Mark Grayson’s Canada shirt. Apparently, during a trip to Toronto Kirkman’s son spotted that exact shirt in a gift shop and found it hilarious. For over two years, Kirkman’s son wore nothing but “Canada” shirts. When it came time to design young Mark Grayson for the animated series, Invincible co-creator and artist Cory Walker was inspired to use that favorite shirt of Kirkman’s son. 

So sorry to burst the bubble of all those who assumed this was a tribute or nod to the Canadian heritage of actress Sandra Oh who voices Debbie Grayson on the show. Kirkman also notes that executive producer and co-showrunner Simon Racioppa is also Canadian and gave him “crap” for the longest time about his pronunciation of the word “sorry.” I guess the real question is whether or not that Canada shirt will be seen again whether worn by Mark or any other character in future episodes.