Appearing at a spotlight panel at the Paris Comic Con, Terry Moore revealed that after he finishes his series Motor Girl (which debuts next month), he’ll return to Strangers in Paradise in 2018 for the series’ 25th anniversary.

(Has it really been that long? Ayieeee.)

You can view the panel in a Periscope,

or read the follow up confirmation


SiP as its known, as a pillar of 90s indie comics, with a long running soap opera about ordinary folks named Katchoo, Francine and David who had interconnecting lives and stories and…drama. While some of the storylines were ordinary stuff, they were made extraordinary by Moore’s incredible cartooning chops and insightful characterizations. It ran from 1993 until 2007 and you can purchase a massive omnibus in paperback now if you want to catch up before 2018.

Unlike a few other self published indie comics stars who have produced a magnum opus and then stayed away from new series. Moore has been quite busy since SiP wrapped up, with the series Echo, Rachel Rising and the upcoming Motor Girl proving he has a lot of stories to tell. But I’m sure people will be thrilled to see SiP coming back, even for an unspecified period of time. Ad in case you forget why people loved this series, here’s a random page showing Moore’s insane level of characterization and art:

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  1. Well, maybe you only remember the soap and drama parts because they were the best, but in parallel it was often a crime comic too, sometimes as hard-hitting as STRAY BULLETS. Involving a mafia-like organization controlling the world and cops investigating grisly murders, featuring prostitutes dying of AIDS and people tortured to death.

    (Also, it may be good to remember how the first volume was almost an entirely different series of cartoony or zany slice-of-life stories. The series’s tone changes in the next volumes and their long-term storylines, not unlike CEREBUS’s switch from done-in-one parody to long-form graphic novels.)

    But I’m just quibbling in the name of expectations! It’s of course a great series.

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