Last month, Insight Editions announced a new graphic novel imprint, and how, courtesy of Publishers Weekly, we have more details:

Insight Editions, best known for lavishly illustrated art and coffee-table books on pop culture, is launching Insight Comics, an imprint specializing in original and licensed graphic novels of all styles. The imprint will publish an inaugural list of 12 titles beginning in March 2017.

Besides original fiction and English translations, the Insight Comics list will reflect the publisher’s expertise in licensing, offering graphic novels based on popular gaming, film, and TV properties, in many cases media franchises that have been longtime partners with Insight Editions. The Insight Comics list will be distributed to the book trade by Simon & Schuster and to the comics-store market by Diamond Comics Distributors.

The line includes a mix of originals, Euro comics and media tie ins.

The line-up:


Zombie Nation by Olivier Peru, Sophian Cholet and Simon Champelovier

A vivid and richly illustrated graphic novel, Zombies offers an action-packed tour through an apocalyptic vision of America.

Mankind is no longer at the top of the food chain. Zombies have taken their place, and nothing can stop them. Is this the end of humanity? Perhaps, but for some it is only the beginning.



Siberia 56 by Christophe Bec and Alexis Sentenac

Trapped on a planet millions of light years away from Earth, five scientists must survive sub-zero temperatures and horrific alien creatures as they make their way across the dead, frozen landscape to their base in this action-packed graphic novel. 


Elves by Jean-Luc Istin and Kyko Duarte

Part one of the new high fantasy comic series, Elves: The Blue Crystal tells the stories of the Blue Elves as the tensions between their race and the humans turns to bloodshed.  



The Baker Street Four by Olivier Legrand and J. B. Dijan

Based on Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, The Baker Street Four provides an inside look behind the infamous Baker Street Irregulars.

Billy, Charlie, and Tom are inseparable, and for good reason. Filled with con men and scoundrels, London’s East End is not a place that is easily survived alone. Fortunately, these three boys can count on the protection of Sherlock Holmes, for whom they sometimes act as spies.



MFK by Nilah Magruder. A print collection of the Dwayne McDuffie Award winning webcomic about a deaf girl in a fantastic post-apcalyptic world.

In addition, they’ll publish licensed comics based on the film Die Hard and the video games Mafia and X-Com.

The line is being overseen by editor Mark Irwin, a veteran of Marvel, DC and Nickelodeon.

This seems like a pretty ambitious line but Insight Editions, the parent company, has a lot of experience in the book market and with licensing – and turn out very handsome books.


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