76195-50961-hero.jpgIt seems more and more people want to get into this comics business. California-based Insight Editions has already published a ton of pop culture guides, art books and coloring books, and comics-influenced titles such as The Art of Jock. Now they’re getting into the biz themselves with a new imprint, Insight Comics, launching in early 2017. They’ve hired industry vet Mark  Irwin as senior editor for the line.

Insights Books are handsomely produced and wide ranging; you can see their fall catalog here. More to come for sure.


Insight Editions, an independent publisher recognized for its innovative art and pop culture books, today announced the launch of Insight Comics, a dynamic new imprint dedicated to publishing original and licensed graphic novels. The first books of the new imprint will release in March 2017. The initial list will introduce all-new original stories; licensed comics based on popular film, television, and gaming properties; and captivating work from best-selling and critically acclaimed foreign writers and artists. These beautifully illustrated stories will run the gamut from tales of post-apocalyptic horror and sci-fi survival to epic fantasy battles, supernatural adventures, and thrilling detective mysteries for both adults and children.

 “Insight Editions is thrilled to launch this new imprint,” says publisher and CEO Raoul Goff. “Insight Comics aims to bring our high-quality standards to the graphic novel universe, tell original stories, and invite readers to immerse themselves in powerful new worlds.” 

Insight Comics represents a natural progression for the company, which has been become known for publishing unique illustrated fiction and high quality art books featuring the work of world-renowned artists.

 “Insight Comics will be dedicated to the core tenets that guide all of our publishing—premium art, storytelling, and quality,” says executive editor Vanessa Lopez, adding that as long-time comic fans, the new imprint has been a labor of love for the Insight Editions team.

 Additionally, Mark Irwin has joined Insight Editions as a senior editor to lead the imprint. Mark has worked with Marvel and DC Comics, Heavy Metal Magazine, Konami, Nickelodeon, and many others over his twenty-five-year career as an art director, editor, and illustrator. He joins an Insight editorial team hungry to bring first-rate comics to the industry.

“What’s exciting about this imprint is the incredible production and creative resources that Insight brings to the table,” says Irwin. “It’s a very exciting time in comics right now, and Insight’s contributions to the field will only increase that excitement.”



  1. What’s unexciting about this bunch of empty promises and formulaic blah is the complete lack of insight into which creators or titles they have lined up. Don’t they know to lead with their best shot? I won’t read their next PRs.

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