There was a lot of buzz a few months ago when it was announced that esteemed writer Roxane Gay and poet Yona Harvey would be writing World of Wakanda, a spin-off of the Black Panther universe. Both writers were recruited by author Ta-Nehisi Coates, and their hiring partially answered criticism that Marvel had never hired a woman of color as a writer before.

While the addition of Gay and Harvey to the Marvel U  is eagerly awaited, it seems that Dwayne McDuffie Award-winning cartoonist Nilah Magruder may beat them to the page…or at least the screen. Magruder has writtenthe digital comic  A Year Of Marvels: September Infinite Comic #1 which stars Tippy Toe, Squirrel Girl’s sidekick, and Rocket Racoon in an all cute critter team up drawn by Siya Oum.

In September, TIPPY-TOE is flying SOLO (until Squirrel Girl is done studying)! But when a villain threatens Central Park, she’s gotta call in the big guns. Enormous guns, relatively speaking (because Tippy and ROCKET RACCOON are small)! It’s the team-up — written by Nilah Magruder — you would have demanded if you knew your worth! You’re wonderful, and you deserve beautiful things!


  1. Trev –

    According to Wikipedia, Marjorie Liu’s father is Taiwanese and her mother is an American of French, Scottish, and Irish descent. That could mean anything really, but that’s the information that’s out there.

  2. Beat – that’s really racist. Not all non-white people look alike. Also, since when are being asian and being black mutually exclusive? You really need to broaden your horizons. Please don’t paint people into corners.

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