By Steve Morris

Avengers Assemble, Captain Marvel, and Pretty Deadly not enough for her, writer Kelly Sue DeConnick has taken on a new project, at the request of a young writer she met, called Winter. As described way better on DeConnick’s blog (which you should read before continuing with this piece), Winter first approached the writer at HeroesCon, announcing her premise of:


Aware that ninjas are, like, one of the greatest things ever, DeConnick immediately realized that Winter was on to a winner here, and decided – after discussion with Winter’s father – that this was a story which needed to be told. After asking Winter to list her 10 favorite things, DeConnick has now reached out to the internet (that’s you) to help make the story a reality.

So far a number of great artists have taken part – like D’Israeli and David LaFuente – along with a wide range of other amazing people. Greg Pak did one too, displaying a side of him never before seen. Just take a look on the site – there’s a wide range of styles and talents to be found. The thing is, though – the project could really use a few more helpers. And seeing how anybody is allowed to join in, oh internet, is there any chance you could spare maybe half an hour to have a go?

Every few weeks or so, DeConnick will tweet/tumble a panel from the Winter/Kelly combo, for anybody to draw. These panels will endeavor to tell a short story, which fit in all of Winter’s favorite things, and once completed will go on sale at HeroesCon. All money raised will go towards Winter’s college fund.

Interested? Go have a look at the amazing artwork already online!


  1. This is so cool! I think more people should ask young kids what they want to read about rather than just assuming what they want to read. But actually working with a kid? Awesome!!!