The New York Times reports that Jerry Nelson, noted Muppet performer, has passed away due to complications from emphysema.  The Muppet wikia notes his full biography, and his legacy, both on Sesame Street and The Muppet Show, is amazing.  Like the interchangeable Whatnot Muppets, Jerry Nelson was versatile, using his talents to fill numerous roles.

His most well-known character was Count von Count, and if you want to pay tribute, count the following roles!  (Don’t recognize some?  Click on the links, they’ll direct you to the Muppets wiki!)

He even played himself, in this piece from The Muppet Show:

That’s Jim Henson on banjo, Jerry Nelson on guitar, and Frank Oz on bass.

He was also notable as an announcer, supplying the introductions for Muppet News Flashes as well as the unseen voice of Veterinarian Hospital and Pigs In Space.  He also supplied voices for The Dark Crystal, as well as providing voices for Sesame Street long after he retired from muppetry.  (His work can be heard in the upcoming season of Sesame Street.) In addition to his versatile voices (Lew Zealand, Dr. Julius Strangepork), he was a versatile singer, placing “Halfway Down The Stairs” on the British Top 10.

Robin, who performed on Tops of the Pops, appears in the following from the Muppet Show.  This song was performed at Jim Henson’s memorial service in 1990, and seems somewhat appropriate.

There are so many more videos I could post: Herry counting with John John, Harry Belafonte singing “Turn the World Around”, Uncle Deadly performing with Vincent Price, the Galley-oh-hoop-hoop… Share your favorites below, remember the joy and laughter, and count your blessings.


  1. Sad news. One less of the mighty Henson originals. He did some great characters. I will always be grateful for the ways in which his performance of Herry spoke to my boy.