Hitting stores on March 20, Dynamite and Disney have shared a few covers and pages from the second issue of the popular comic series. Writer Greg Pak and artist Giulia Giacomino lead the charge, with covers from Nicoletta Baldari, Trish Forstner, Edwin Galmon, and Craig Rousseau.
Read details about the issue here:

Having evaded the agents of the evil Cluster Sovereign, Stitch has landed in New York City, where he finds the perfect place to hide: a toy convention! But can he evade the Sovereign’s drones long enough for Lilo to find him? Or will Manhattan become the latest battleground for Experiment 626?

The long-awaited ongoing comics adventures of Lilo & Stitch continue here – expertly authored by fan-favorite writer GREG PAK (Darth Vader, Mech Cadets) and artist extraordinaire GIULIA GIACOMINO, and featuring covers by NICOLETTA BALDARI, TRISH FORSTNER, CRAIG ROUSSEAU, and more!
Ahead of the release, take a look at a preview below!