We are hours away from the Season 3 finale of Riverdale. One question has been looming over most of this season of the show, namely who is the Gargoyle King? I have my theory, which latched itself onto my brain back on The Breakfast Club inspired episode, The Midnight Club.
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I think the Gargoyle King is really Hermione Lodge.

Reason #1

In The Midnight Club, Hermione Lodge finds the copy of Gryphons and Gargoyles game in the teacher’s desk during Saturday detention. She claims she was breaking into the teacher’s desk to retrieve something else that had been taken away from her, but I think that was just a cover story. I think that Hermione planted that copy of the game in the desk in order to find it in front of her friends and get them started playing.

Reason #2

Hermione came from a strict Catholic family and went to Catholic school before she attended Riverdale High. Was that school the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, where the Gargoyle King originated? Earlier this season, we learned that the Gargoyle King was a tool of punishment created at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy going back decades. The game Gryphons and Gargoyles sprung from the folklore surrounding the gargoyle statue that the Sisters would lock problem students with in solitary confinement. The game was created and honed by the students at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy. It wasn’t until Hermione “found” the copy of the game in the teacher’s desk that it made its way out into Riverdale.
Also, right before Penelope has her seizure in, she gives a little head nod to Hermione. I think Penelope and Hermione go back and have a Sister of Quiet Mercy history together.

Reason #3

It’s always a parent. The mystery villain in Riverdale season 1 was Clifford Blossom, followed by Hal Cooper in season 2. Hiram Lodge is the perpetual out-and-out villain of the show; it wouldn’t make sense to also make him the mystery villain. After two seasons of mystery villain dads, I think we are getting our first mystery villain mom.

Reason #4

Hermione set up the failed drug deal with Gladys Jones. It’s easy to forget when her husband’s illegal activities and forays into the drug trade loom so large, but when Hiram was out of the picture, it was Hermione who set up a huge sale of illegal narcotics to Gladys Jones. Hermione told Veronica that she was doing it to rid them of Hiram’s drugs, but I think that was just because Veronica found out about the drugs. Hermione didn’t cop to this story until after Veronica and Reggie destroyed the drugs. Was she really getting rid of Hiram’s drugs, or was she setting herself up as the town’s drug empress?

Reason #5

It was Hermione who quarantined the town of Riverdale. And during that time, both fizzle rocks and G&G really took hold. A perfect move for someone with a huge stake in both.

In Conclusion

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I think the Gargoyle King is really a Gargoyle Queen, and that she is Hermione Lodge. Out of all the possible suspects, Hermione has stuck out the most for me. Am I right? We’ll find out tonight on the season finale on Riverdale.

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