Did I get tricked into running this somewhat non-slick infographic because The Beat is ranked #8 in a list of the top 100 comics blogs? You bet. But I did like that The Nib is #1. I think the chart went by Alexa rankings and it includes webcomics among the blogs, which doesn’t really make any sense. And essential sites like Comics Reporter, Robot 6, Comics Alliance, and about 800 more are missing. But anyway, talking points.

What do YOU think are the top comics sites? Besides the obvious—CBR, BC, Comicbook.com? Talk about it in the comments.




  1. I confess… I’ve never heard of The Nib. But I’ll check ’em out.

    I tend to run a small circle in my industry news gathering. I figure *big* news makes it across the bow of every ship. The Beat has been a fav of mine for a long time. Perhaps I should venture out and see what others are doing.

  2. Speaking as one of the owners, I’m always happy to see IndyPlanet.com get a little attention. But, um … it’s not a blog, nor a news site. It’s a print-on-demand and/or digital download order fulfillment site for independent comics. Still, #25 … I’ll take it.

  3. Using Alexa rankings are a little meaningless for this when you factor in things like The Nib which are part of a larger network. The ranking comes from the top level domain (medium.com) rather than a sub-directory. Not that The Nib might not have been up at the top anyway. There’s a wide gap in Alexa rankings between the first two places on that list. That’s just one of the reasons this list is all quantitative and not qualitative.

  4. Never heard of The Nib, either.

    Anyway,my go-to sites; The Beat, CBR, Bleeding Cool, Comics Reporter, Multiversity, Comics Alliance, Graphixia, Hooded Utilitarian, Comics Journal, Talking Comics, Ghetto Manga

  5. Subscribed: Beat, BC, NCRL, lots of creator blogs (kudos to Todd Klein for being in there)
    Unsubscribed quite a while back: Comics Reporter, Robot 6
    Visit only when linked to: Comics Alliance, CBR, everything else

  6. I’ve only been to about six of these sites. I’ve got about 40 bookmarked blogs of which about 15 are artist sites. It doesn’t look like alot of these are truly comic book blogs. More like multi media blogs that include comicbooks. I’ll definately check out some of these but I doubt most will make my book mark list. Never heard of Nibs either.
    I’ve been following Heidi since before there were PC’s! Hey, kids comics!!

  7. I saw this first elsewhere, and this is the first time I’ve heard any other comics blog I read talk about The Nib with familiarity. I’ve never heard of it.

  8. Hello,

    For comics news I tend to go to CBR and The Beat. I dig Comic Book Legends on CBR the general niceness of The Beat. I’m a sucker for the epic length interviews on Word Balloon and I regularly hunt down interviews with comic creators at a menagerie of sites.

    I never leave comments on sites, but there is a nice vibe here.



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