The Nib has announced that all 15 issues of its spinoff publication, The Nib Magazine, are now free to download ahead of the operation’s effective shutdown at the end of this month. The news was sent via social media and its email newsletter. The Nib also requests donations to ensure the website and its archives remain available for public consumption.

By email, The Nib said:

“The Nib is wrapping up ten years of publishing and closing down at the end of August. But before we go, we are making all 15 issues of our Eisner and Ignatz award-winning magazine available for anyone to download for free. That’s more than 1,600 pages of comics, including our out of print Secrets, Nature, Food, and Color issues.

“Through the month of August, you can download a PDF of any of our issues below and, if you feel like it, kick us a few bucks to help preserve the website. If you prefer print, pick up issues of the magazine from our store.”

May 22, The Nib‘s founder, editor and publisher Matt Bors announced that the award-winning website and its magazine spinoff were to shutter continued publishing operations end of August 2023. The Nib Magazine‘s fifteenth issue, on the theme of ‘the future’ was to be the project’s last.

The Nib
The Nib Magazine’s final issue centred on the theme of ‘the future’

While the magazine and its website will cease publication, The Nib is requesting donations to help ensure free public access to its website and its decade accumulation of over 6,000 nonfiction comics and cartoons. Donations will help pay for ongoing web hosting fees, regular backend work and maintenance.

The Nib was founded in 2013 by Bors – who himself is a twice Pulitzer Prize political cartooning finalist – as a home for political cartoons and nonfiction comics, running new cartoons every weekday on their website and via their email newsletter. The Nib Magazine debuted in 2018 with each issue centred around a theme, including: death, power, family, drugs, nature, food, cities, work, and more. The magazine was available as a print publication and as a download exclusively to paid members of the site. 

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