Lore, the award-winning horror podcast, is spinning into Wellington, a brand new comic from IDW. Host Aaron Mahnke will make his comics debut as writer of this series alongside Delilah S. Dawson (Star Wars, Star Pig, Sparrowhawk) with art by Piotr Kowalski (The Dark Tower) and colors by Brad Simpson (The Witcher).

Although Lore features totally true frightening tales, Wellington will indulge into some more – creative stories. It’s a historical fiction series that will introduce a new character, the titular Duke of Wellington. He’s a creature hunter and investigator of mysteries and monsters, whose story will unfold over five issues beginning this December.

Mahnke is also working on Amazon’s own adaptation of his popular pod, also titled Lore. That said, it’s clear he’s in a good place creatively. He says “history and folklore are deep wells, and they are honestly a fiction writer’s dream come true. With an amazing cast of characters just waiting to be called upon, and centuries of belief in the supernatural setting the stage, I’m excited to share these powerful stories in a brand-new way!”

Kowalski shares that excitement with Mahnke and, from the sounds of things, he’s proud to help put this comic in readers’ hands. To him, the Duke of Wellington embodies everything he looks for in a “horror tale hero.” He writes “He [Wellington] is driven, experienced, and tormented by nightmares. He is a hunter, avenger, and tireless seeker of the ultimate truth. And, ultimately, the strength of this character guarantees a captivating and entertaining comic book.”

New York Times bestselling author, Dawson, is right there, too. “As a huge fan of the pop culture phenomenon that is Lore, I jumped at the chance to work with Aaron Mahnke and the Wellington team to merge history with dark supernatural adventures,” says Dawson. “Add in the atmospheric art by Piotr and Brad, and you’re going to see the spirit of Lore resurrected in an entirely new way. This is a book you’re going to want!”

Get your monster hunting gear ready for Wellington’s December debut. Check out the series’ first cover below.