Things are kicking into high gear worldwide for comics shows. So much is kicking off tomorrow. Here’s a very quick look at some of them. In London’s Crouch End a 2nd year CAF is taking place, the Crouch End Cartoon Art Festival or CECAF, organized by Sean Azzopardi.

The second Crouch End Comic Art Festival (CECAF) will take place at the Earl Haig Hall, Crouch End, London on June 6th, 2015. The show will host the best and brightest cartoonists and independent publishers currently active in the UK comic scene.
The past 5 years have seen a huge growth in creators, publishers and consumers of comics. Crouch End is home to some of these cartoonists, so it seems natural to bring this type of event to the hot creative hub of N8. Following on from the energy of this summers smash Crouch End Festival, CECAF will provide the opportunity for all ages to experience the varied and engaging world of the independent comic publisher.

Exhibitors include
Avery Hill Publishing, David Baillie, Dan Lester, Claude TC, Broken Frontier/Andy Oliver and guests, Iella, Martin Eden,Paul Rainey, Pete Clack, Sally-Anne Hickman, Oliver Lambden, Francesca Cassavetti, Tiny Pencil, Zoom Rockman, One Beat Zine, Sarah Gordon, Roger Langridge, Alfie Gallagher, Craig Conlan, Matt Boyce, Danny Noble, Beakdown Press, Douglas Noble, Daniel Merlin Goodbrey, Limehouse Press, Simon Moreton.

Here’s a preview of the show via Broken Frontier and a sample of the debuts. Good stuff.