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One’s an atheist who lives on Red Bull and whiskey. One’s a Mormon who never drinks. But Warren Ellis and Mike Allred have teamed up onThe Spirit of BACARDÍ a 20 page comics about Emilio Bacardí, son of founder Don Facundo Bacardí Massó, and his doings in Cuba in the 1800s. When I first saw those Bacardi ads full of drama and intrigue I thought it was like those John Jameson ads, a little exaggeration, but no, it turns out there really was some adventure and freedom fighting involved. Which you can learn all about in this comic.

Corporate branding. You never know what it will turn up.
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  1. no-one will answer this for me.
    Can i buy it in print or not?
    I know some people (like Rich J.) got a copy in print.
    The bicardi site is woefully uninformative.
    And Warren won’t respond to my tweets. Any info?

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