Okay. This is exciting.

A new webcomic site called The Expositor presents the new work of Noah Van Sciver and Joseph Remnant. These two young cartoonists who had breakout years, van Sciver with THE HYPO, his GN about Abraham Lincoln that tells a part of the president’s life few PROSE histories have ever covered; Remnant with CLEVELAND, a posthumous Harvey Pekar book that gained critical acclaim.

And now they are doing webcomics!


Van Sciver weighs in with “Saint Cole,” thus far the story of a frustrated 28-year-old pizza parlor waiter with a jobless girlfriend, an unexpected baby—and now a nine-fingered mother-in-law staying with them.


Remnant’s “Cartoon Clouds” heads straight to art school for a story about artistic exploration, pretension and drinking beer.

Both comics are extremely well crafted, densely realized six-panel grids full of detail and daily struggle. Both will be collected for print eventually but in the meantime….GOOD COMICS FOR THE WEEKEND!