It’s the spooky, chilling time of year, when pumpkin muffins are consumed and woolen scarves are brought from the closet.

As in years past we’ll be spotlighting Halloween art EVERY DAY! We need your submissions! Email us at comicsbeat at gmail dot com.

Also, is it just us or has Halloween merchandise been toned down a lot this year? In recent times, Duane Reade would be sporting racks of green lipstick and Witchie wigs from the end of August on. Now just a few aisles have barely sprung up. Maybe bad sales in the bad economy?

Whatever the case, there will be no stinting on Halloween at Stately Beat Manor!

Above — the incredible Halloween installations of Gary Leib at Brooklyn’s Desert Island.


  1. Hey Heidi… There’s a malformed URL for the ” spotlighting Halloween art EVERY DAY!” link. Can we get the proper link? Thanks!

  2. The Halloween merchants may have shambled from the drugstore to the grocery store, Heidi — I saw a great long corridor of dancing skeletons and sleek colored-chrome devil masks and interactive medusa-heads at an A&P…this is out in the suburbs, where we do the best shambling…

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