Image Comics has released details about next month’s Image! #8, the latest installment of the publisher’s twelve-issue anthology series celebrating their 30th anniversary. Among the issue’s tales will be the first glimpse at W0rldtr33, an upcoming horror series from writer James Tynion IV, artist Fernando Blanco, colorist Jordie Bellaire, and letterer Aditya Bidikar which is set to launch in Spring of 2023.

Here’s how Image describes W0rldtr33:

In 1999, Gabriel, Amanda, Liam, Yoshi, and Darren discovered what they dubbed the Undernet—a secret architecture beneath the internet. They charted their exploration of the Undernet on a private message board called W0rldtr33. Then they lost control. And unleashed unimaginable horrors.

 Image! #8 was originally solicited back in August as featuring a The Department of Truth story from Tynion IV and series artist Martin Simmonds. While the solicit text has not been updated, it’s probably a safe bet that the W0rldtr33 story is taking that one’s place.

A page from W0rldtr33, by Fernanco Blanco & Jordie Bellaire

In a statement announcing the Image! story, Tynion IV and Blanco both expressed their enthusiasm at bringing W0rldtr33 to readers:

“W0rldtr33 is a horror epic that’s been festering in the back of my brain for the better part of five years. I couldn’t be more thrilled to bring this story to life at Image Comics,” said Tynion IV. “I can’t wait to show the world what Fernando, Jordie, Aditya, and I have been building for you.”

Blanco added: “Stars have aligned for this book. This is not just the best team I could imagine working with, at the best time and place, but also a chance to feed our love—and our deepest fears—into something that will horrify you all.”

Along with the W0rldtr33 story, Image! #8 will also feature a brand-new Casanova story from Matt FractionFabio Moon, and Gabriel Ba, plus new stories from creators and teams including Paul GristKieron Gillen & Steve LieberBrenden Fletcher & Erica HendersonGeoff Johns & Andrea MuttiPatrick Kindlon & Maurizio RosenzweigTim Seeley & Stefano CaselliJoe Casey & Nathan FoxDean Haspiel, and Skottie Young.

Image! #8 is due out in stores and digitally on Wednesday, November 23rd. W0rldtr33 will launch in Spring of next year.