This week, Dark Horse Comics will release Under Kingdom. The new fantasy graphic novel comes from the creative team of co-creator/writer Christof Bogacs and co-creator/artist, colorist, and letterer Marie Enger, with color flats by Jasmine Walls and Jordan Alsaqa. With the graphic novel out in bookstores today, The Beat is pleased to present an exclusive preview of the book.

Here’s how Dark Horse describes Under Kingdom:

After the sudden disappearance of his mom, high school freshman Shay is thrust into a secret world of monsters that exists underneath his small West-Virginian town of Humble Valley. With the help of his shapeshifting aunt Sa’Belle, he must search for his mother while doing what he can to safeguard the citizens of the ‘Under Kingdom’ and try to maintain his normal high school life. If that wasn’t enough, Shay is a strict pacifist in a world that is demanding he go to war to protect it.

Under Kingdom is the first collaboration for Bogacs and Enger, and the first Dark Horse Comics work for either creator. Bogacs is the writer of books like Volume (with artist Skylar Patridge and editor Nadia Shammas) for Scout Comics, while Enger is the artist on the graphic novel Where Black Stars Rise (with writer Nadia Shammas) from Tor Nightfire. 

Check out the exclusive preview of Under Kingdom below. The graphic novel is out in bookstores today, and due out in comic shops tomorrow, April 19th.