What happens when it’s the end of the world and you are the only one who knows it is on the way? In The UnCommons, Iris is that person. 

Created by Team Weird Enough: Andy Robles-Valdez (lines/pencils), Tony Weaver, Jr. (words), Spencer Amundson (lines), Hannah Lee (pencils/colors), Lia Harmon (color assist), and Joamette Gil (letters/edits), the Webtoons action series centers on Iris and her quest to enlist the help of others like her who may be able to stop the apocalypse. 

Read the synopsis here:

The end of the world is about to begin, and the girl nobody listens to is the only one who sees it coming. But Iris is an inexhaustible optimist, so she packs her bags, runs away from home, and crosses continents to stop her visions of the apocalypse from coming true. She finally finds potential allies with divine abilities in the bustling Delta City, but has a cruel world stamped out their hope? Can Iris and her friends reverse a prophecy centuries in the making? Or will her vision be the last thing anyone ever sees?

The series offers more than straight-up “save the world” action. Iris is a character the reader can relate to (even though you may or may not have superpowers). You can also understand Kenny aka Influencer and his hesitancy to get involved in the fight. Being an influencer is one thing, but when special abilities and the fate of the world are on your shoulders–that’s something else entirely. 

The UnCommons updates every Thursday. Begin reading here!