New episodes of Bugs Bunny Builders premiere today on the Cartoonito programming block on Cartoon Network and tomorrow on HBO Max. Expect familiar and fan-favorite Looney Tunes characters to appear like Marvin the Martian (voiced by Eric Bauza) and Taz (Fred Tatasciore

Check out a clip from the Earth Day themed episode “Taz Recycles,” the Looney Builders help Taz recycle building materials to create his own vehicle. Check out a clip below:


  • “Blast Off” —When Marvin the Martian crash lands in Looneyburg, he’s in a hurry to leave and hires The Looney Builders to build him a spaceship.


  • “K-9: Space Puppy”—Marvin the Martian hires The Looney Builders to build a doghouse on Mars for his puppy, K-9. Daffy soon bonds with K-9 and comes up with a plan to prolong their playtime.

Marvin the Martian

  • “Cousin Billy”— When Daffy’s cool cousin Billy hires The Looney Builders to build her an art studio, Daffy tries to show off to prove how cool he is.


  • “Cheddar Days”—The Mouse Sisters hire The Looney Builders to build a cheese café featuring a mural by Sylvester who is having a bad day.


  • “Taz Recycle”—When The Looney Builders build Taz a wrecking ball vehicle, he struggles to learn how to operate it.

About “Bugs Bunny Builders”:

“Bugs Bunny Builders” is the first Looney Tunes series produced specifically for preschoolers in over 20 years. The series combines the wackiness, humor, and slapstick of the iconic characters with a modern Humancentric Learning framework that promotes children’s fascination with building and design, helping preschoolers cultivate essential skills including self-expression, creativity, problem-solving, collaboration, and communication. 


In the show, Bugs and Lola are managers of the Looney Builders construction crew comprised of Daffy, Porky, Tweety, and more familiar Looney faces. Together, the team helps their fellow citizens of Looneyburg with zany building projects. Whether building a thrilling new racetrack or creating an out-of-this-world ice cream sundae, no job is too big or wild for the Looney Builders when they work as a team and utilize their super-looney tools and souped-up vehicles. “Bugs Bunny Builders” is produced by Warner Bros. Animation.