by Jermaine McLaughlin


Toy Fair 2018 has come and gone, but Hasbro came through the four day event, held at the Javits Center in New York city, leaving little doubt they have every aspect of their license with Marvel Entertainment covered.

Under the Marvel Legends Banner which is now no longer strictly limited to the action figure line they have has produced since 2007 (after assuming ownership of the line from the now defunct, Toybiz), Hasbro is intent on tying their product line to the six film Marvel Studio/ Marvel related movies slated set to be released this year. Starting of course with the latest wildly successful Marvel Cinematic Universe offering Black Panther. And action figure line featuring characters from the film has already been released, with a variety of Panther mask, and claw themed accessories already on shelves.


In the coming months figures based on the characters of Everett K. Ross, and Erik Kilmonger (played by Martin Freeman and Michael B. Jordan respectively) will also start to hit shelves.


As the year rolls on the theme of connecting with the movie slate will present itself in action figure lines for upcoming MCU, films such as Ant-Man and the Wasp and of course, Avengers: Infinity War(as well as the obligatory oversized premium priced Infinity Gauntlet to wow your friends at parties).  With an added line revealed this weekend intended to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Marvel Studios.  The line will feature six and twelve inch actions figures meant to celebrate major moments from the first Iron Man through Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 and beyond.


The backbone of Hasbro Legends presentation is of course the line of six inch action figures themselves. It will be through that line that Hasbro will tie into the non-MCU based films coming out this year like Fox’s Deadpool sequel, X-Men: Dark Phoenix and Sony’s Venom film starring Tom Hardy. Lines for all three characters/ groups will be based solely on the comic book based versions and will carry their regular assortment of popular characters mixed with shall we say, more….esoteric contributions. Yes I’m looking at you Spider-Ham action figure that I didn’t know I wanted until now.



Combined with several six inch figure reveals that will be store exclusives to outlets like Walgreens and Toys R’Us, featuring the Silver Surfer and The Thing among others, Hasbro seems intend on having a Legends presence to be reckoned with this coming year.      


A few more reveals from this past Toy Fair from Hasbro:

Jermaine McLaughlin is a 15-year veteran of the comic book industry, with a lifelong knowledge or general geekdom, which he is constantly trying to use for good and not evil.