Over the Garden Wall, the much loved cartoon mini-series is returning in comics form with OVER THE GARDEN WALL: DISTILLATORIA, an all new original graphic novel coming this November. Eisner Award-winning writer Jonathan Case (Dear Creature) and Eisner Award-winning Over the Garden Wall artist Jim Campbell are the creative team.

Created by Patrick McHale, Over the Garden Wall started its life as a short before being developed into an award-winning 10-episode cartoon. It ran on Cartoon Network in 2014, telling the story of two half-brothers who try to find their way home through the Unknown, a fantasy forest full of adventures. Boom!’s KaBoom line picked up the universe with a series of minis and a 20-issue ongoing that featured tales set both back in the real world and the Unknown. The newly announced OGN takes us back to the world of Greg and Wirt.

While exploring the Unknown, Greg and Wirt suddenly find themselves back home — only it looks like they brought Beatrice back with them?! Now, it’s up to them to help Beatrice return safely to the Unknown before anyone realizes she can talk. But it looks like something sinister might be happening in the shadows and everything might not be as it seems. It’s a mad dash filled with friendship, love, Sara, and learning that home might be a lot further away than you think.

“As a borderline-scary fan of Over the Garden Wall, I’m excited to find myself at the helm of a new adventure for Wirt, Greg, and Beatrice. Really, really excited, you guys,” says Case. “With Distillatoria, we’ll revisit some familiar and beloved bits: the Unknown, the Wirt-poems, the rock facts…but we’ll also explore new and (I hope) surprising territory. I dearly hope this new book is a good time for all my fellow old souls and romantic weirdos. And of course, all the lovers of Greg.”

“At this point drawing Over the Garden Wall feels like home to me,” added Campbell. “I love this world. I’m really excited about exploring a lot of the new, weird, and creepy imagery Jonathan has conjured up for this story. But it’s also got some of my favorite settings and characters from the show we haven’t seen in the comics yet. This is going to be a good one.”

“Over The Garden Wall: Distillatoria is a fun filled adventure with Wirt and Greg having to deal with some strange twists and turns as they find themselves suddenly home after being trapped in the Unknown,” said Whitney Leopard, Editor, BOOM! Studios. “Jonathan and Jim have made an insanely talented team and this is definitely going to be a story that you don’t want to miss.”




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