…and the message is, the boys are back.

Free Comic Book Day 2018 is your perfect chance to dive into the Marvel Universe – and today, Marvel is excited to reveal your first look at the previously unseen cover of FCBD AVENGERS #1!

 Stay tuned for more FCBD content to be announced in the coming weeks!


  1. Remember how exciting Marvel’s covers were in the 1970’s? Gil Kane and others did fantastic work. At what point did Marvel say to themselves, “You know, what we really need to do is ditch those lousy action-oriented covers and publish nothing but static shots of people standing around. That’s what will sell modern comics. And, be sure to make Captain America look like he’s attending a funeral.”

  2. Modern super-hero comic art is a paradox. Pull a single panel out and compare it to art from previous eras and virtually everyone would say the modern image is superior. But take the words away and compare entire comics from different eras and the storytelling in the old stuff is so much better it’s staggering.

    It’s hard to blame artists, though. How can you develop your narrative chops when you are basically just an art-bot following the scripts of writers who mistakenly think they are directors.


  3. This really is a poor cover image. There’s no energy, no fun. Thor is summoning lightning but he looks like he’s changing a lightbulb. Cap just looks sad. The funeral comment above is about right. Iron Man is passable.

    I was never a huge Avengers fan, but I’ve certainly enjoyed runs of it. I don’t see what here would make me sit up and take notice.

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