Well, a digital copy anyway. MARCH BOOK ONE, the comics autobiography of civil rights leader Rep. John Lewis, has had a heck of a run since its August release and is now making another charge at the Year’s end Best Of lists. And to put a cherry on it, publisher Top Shelf has teamed with the Fellowship of Reconciliation and ComiXology to give every member of the House and Senate a complimentary digital copy of both MARCH: BOOK ONE and its bundle-mate MARTIN LUTHER KING AND THE MONTGOMERY STORY. (The Fellowship of Reconciliation is the original publisher of THE MONTGOMERY STORY.)

The gift was accompanied by a note from Rep. Lewis, in the nice pack you see above, saying in part, “Just like the comic book I read more than 50 years ago, it is my hope that this graphic novel can inspire new generations to speak up and speak out, to make their voice heard, and, hopefully, to make our nation a more just and peaceful place for all.”

And now, just to make your day complete with a smile, you can insert the image of your (least) favorite member of Congress attempting to read a comic in guided view on an iPad, Android, Galaxy, Nook or Kobo. I like to think of Sen. Rand Paul, but I’m sure you have your own choice.


  1. Considering they can’t be bothered to read the legislation they vote on, I doubt many of them are going to be picking this up.

  2. I wonder if my crazypants wingnut House rep will let me have his download. I know he won’t read it, and that’d be some fine constituent service.

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