In celebration of Spawn hitting its milestone 300th issue, Todd McFarlane has a slew of exclusive merchandise on the way. This includes t-shirts, toys, comics and art prints. The items are all exclusive to McFarlane’s 2019 victory lap of conventions. They debut at SDCC this month and hopefully make their way to NYCC as well.


The line includes two exclusive Spawn t-shirts. The first shirt has possibly the most iconic Spawn imagery on it, namely the Spawn orb. The second shirt parodies the 60s Batman logo, but with SPAWN replacing BATMAN inside the bat logo and Spawn’s head replacing the bat’s head.



Pin collectors take note. This exclusive collection includes five Spawn pins. The Spawn logo, Spawn orbSpawn Bat-Logo parody, Spawn skull and Spawn triangle make up the set, each sold individually. Personally, I cannot think of a better way to make your denim jacket more badass than two Spawn skulls on the lapels.

Art print!

A Spawn art print is exclusive to SDCC. Only 250 were produced and will be available for purchase at the Image Comics booth, booth # 1915 for $20.00. Lucky fans can get Spawn creator Todd McFarlane to sign the art print if they can get a ticket to one of his signings throughout the convention. Free signing tickets will be available at the Image Comics booth every morning of SDCC at 9:30 AM. Expect them to be gone by 9:31 AM.

There will also be a SDCC-only exclusive variant comic book. No word yet on what issue it will be. I assume the recently released #298 or a redo of Spawn #1. No word yet either on pricing, but if you get one and a McFarlane signing ticket, you can get The Todd to sign it for you.

Todd McFarlane Spawn Toys SDCC


Two vinyl action figures are available for $25 each. The figures are of Spawn Kills Everyone 2 character BumBumz. One is a black variant and the other is a blue variant. Both come in premium packaging with an exclusive art card.


If you want to upgrade your SDCC badge lanyard, you can buy the Spawn lanyard for $10.

All of this merchandise can be yours at the Image Comics booth, booth #1915 throughout SDCC, until it sells out.