If we didn’t have a previous gig, we’d be all over this. $20 for a hand-bound limited edition of essential 90s artifacts? Hell YEAH. Find out where it all began!

Deep Girl Release Party at Desert Island

The mid-Nineties were a golden age for zines and minicomics. During those years thousands of handmade publications were printed and traded across the country. One of those pioneering titles was Deep Girl by Ariel Bordeaux. Bordeaux’s unflinchingly autobiographical stories were drawn in her distinctive style: raw, inky, and expressive. With biting humor Bordeaux addressed subjects like body image, self-esteem, and sex. And Deep Girl was deep–Ariel wrote about her life, but she also wrote about her thoughts.

Long out of print, all five issues of Deep Girl are being republished in limited edition collection by Paper Rocket Minicomics. The proprietor of Paper Rocket, Robyn Chapman, will produce a 128-page hand-bound book with a screen printed cover and jacket. The interior pages are black and white with a small color section. The book will also include a foreword by Adrian Tomine, an interview by Rob Clough, and an essay by Robyn Chapman. The cover price is $20.

The Complete Deep Girl will debut on March 1st at Desert Island in Brooklyn, New York. Both Bordeaux and Chapman will host a release party, where Bordeaux will sign books and perform a short reading.