Gr CardweberDo you want to know where ELSE the cool kids will be? They will be at GIANT ROBOT!


BEASTS! With artists signing the new hardcover collection of nearly 100 illustrators depicting mythological and folkloric creatures.

WHAT: BEASTS! book release signing
WHO: Jesse LeDoux, Katy Horan, Keith Shore, R. Kikuo Johnson, Sam Weber, Scott Teplin, Andy Kehoe and others t.b.a.

WHEN: Saturday, Feb. 24th, 7pm
WHERE: Giant Robot NY, 437 E. Ninth St., New York, NY 10009
PHONE: 212.674.GRNY

Beasts! is a 200 page, full-color (plus Gold throughout), hardcover book from Fantagraphics Books. Ninety artists from the fields of rock posters, skate graphics, comics, children’s books, fine art, etc. have each chosen a classic mythological or folkloric creature to illustrate. All of the depicted beasts have been thought at some time to exist (generally through a handful of eyewitnesses or as cultural stories). Each beast is accompanied by a brief description of the creature written by Paul Hughes, Felicia Gotthelf, Heidi Broadhead, or Rob Lightner. It was birthed/curated by Jacob Covey and marvelously edited by Karin Snelson.