Do you want to know where the cool kids will be? This is it. Alex Cox explains in his own way:

In these cold and troubled winter months, the cruel North wind oft brings a chilling despair, settling deep in your hearts and bones. There is but one remedy for the cruel, icy darkness…

Comic Books.

So do join us at ROCKETSHIP, as we celebrate the release of several new funnybooks from Picturebox Press: COLD HEAT #3, by BJ and Frank Santoro, PIG TALES/CARTOON WORKSHOP by Paper Rad, and 1-800-MICE by Matthew Thurber.

The artists themselves will be on hand, to sign books, and escape with you from the impending horrors of the angry frost demon named Feb-ruary.

I know many of you will be spending your days at Ye Olde Javitz Centre, digging fitfully through long, white boxes in search of that one, last MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE that completes your collection. I promise that this ROCETSHIP event will be a welcome respite from your toils, as you unwind with a beverage provided by Six Point Craft Ales, and listen to the melodies of Special Musical Guests… SOILED MATTRESS AND THE SPRINGS!

That’s right, friends, not only will Matthew Thurber be signing comic books, he will also be performing with his three-piece Musical Combo.

So join us at ROCKETSHIP! Saturday night (2-24) at 8 pm.


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