The Sound of Young America interviews VENTURE BROTHERS creator Jackson Publick for this podcast. (Thanks to Ian Brill for the link.)

Speaking of The Venture Bros, this weekend on Saturday at 4:30 at the NYCC (that AGAIN?) there will be a Venture Bros. spotlight with Jackson Publick, Doc Hammer, James Urbaniak (Rusty Venture, etc.), Michael Sinterniklaas (Dean Venture), and Steven Rattazzi (Dr. Orpheus). Although the ladies and Brock will be missing, this should be the greatest collection of Venture voices yet assembled at a convention and we admit to having had a teeny tiny bit to do with getting it put together, and anticipate that it will have moments of drollery.

Speaking of podcasts, DC has done something certified cool and put up a podcast of Rick Vetch reading the words from his stream-on-consciousness graphic novel CAN’T GET NO. Download and read along!


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