CIVIL WAR wrapped up this week, and of course we haven’t had time to go find a copy, online or in a store, but we haven’t had time to read ANY issues of CIVIL WAR yet. We’re “waiting for the trade”, as they say on the inside. or people who like a denoument, Mark Millar is sounding off in the “The OFFICIAL MCW Ish 7 THREAD” at Millarworld. Everyone seems a bit baffled by the ending, which, as near as we can make out involves Cap realizing he was wrong, and Iron Man winning, and the Punisher looking longingly at Cap’s gear. Which actually, given the way things are going in the real world, is what passes for “relevance” in comics today. What we don’t quite get is how this is going to change the Marvel U forever. Can someone explain THAT to us?


  1. Well, the permanent change is that Iron Man’s side won, and the Superhuman Registration Act is here to stay. So either you’re now a government agent or you’re an outlaw.

    Of course, anyone who wasn’t a government agent was already a vigilante, so you’d have thought that might make them illegal already. But apparently not.

  2. As stated in the article I too am “waiting for the trade”.

    I really try not to be negative about modern mainstream comics. I really do. I used ot love these things, but some of the stuff being churned out makes me weep.

  3. I undersood this means “Civil War” is Millar version of “American Power”.
    I really really want guest appearance of Civilian Justice at “Mighty Avengers”!

  4. Personally, I like Tom Brevoort’s ‘What If’ ending better than the actual one:

    TB: The Annihilation Wave shows up, the heroes all join together to fight it, and peace and harmony reigns. But Iron Man is killed, and maybe Cap too. Heck, maybe Reed and Hank and Mary Jane and Aunt May as well. And then the Winter Soldier becomes Iron Man and Hawkeye becomes Captain America because, hey, nobody’d expect that to happen. And it’s all a plot by Miriam Sharpe in her true persona as Loki! Luckily, they’re all Skrulls, so everything goes back to normal in a few months.

    Now THAT’S the Marvel Universe.

  5. The Punisher-into-Cap transition seems pretty natural to me.

    After all, there’s nothing Frank Castle enjoys more than busting a Cap in somebody. [rimshot]

    Besides, the Cap of CIVIL WAR didn’t behave anything like the Captain America I’ve known for 40 years, so maybe he’d been replaced already.

  6. Guys, isn’t that too far fetched an interpretation of that scene? Too much? The Punisher was never considering to become the next Captain America. (Come on. Really.) Instead, he just realized that Captain America’s way does not work. He will continue, alone, to do his thing.

  7. Who needs more proof that the Emperor has no clothes?
    Oooo- Aunt May’s been shot!
    Good thing Steve Ditko isn’t dead.
    He’d be doing speed-of-light spins in his grave, like Kirby.

    If only we could vote Quesada and company out like Bush.

  8. Well, I enjoyed it. I was rooting for Cap’s side but was still satisfied with the ambiguous non-conclusion. What I took away from it was that the story is not over, it’s just beginning.

    People bitch about big event stories having no consequences but things really are different in the MU. It’s not good vs. bad, it’s registered vs outlaw and Captain America’s a political prisoner. That has more resonance than “Iron Man’s the bad guy, let’s go back to the mansion now.”
    And if you want Quesada out so bad…don’t read his books. Vote with your wallet, chief.

  9. Bitter much M.Lusk?

    As far as CW #7 goes…. I don’t know, something about it has my mind reeling. I plan on re-reading the whole thing in the next couple weeks. I think we all should do that actually.

  10. Spry: And if you want Quesada out so bad…don’t read his books. Vote with your wallet, chief.

    Wow, what a concept! Thanks so much! That’ll do the trick, won’t it?

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