And over on the West Coast, the indie CAF season wraps up with CALA (Comic Arts LA) held Saturday and Sunday at the Think Tank Gallery downtown. Poster art above by Seo Kim. The show has a marvelous exhibitor list and a trim guest list consisting of Matt Furie and Sam Bosma, and equally streamlined programming – one track each day some repeating, but I would go to every one if I could go. CALA draws on the lively and well-formed (and growing) community of indie cartoonists/animators who make up the LA scene; a big splashy event isn’t needed.

This spirit is shown by a statement recently posted on the CALA gb page by the organizers:

In light of recent national events, we at Comic Arts LA would like to say a few words:
Since the very beginning the goal of CALA has been to encourage people to share a true part of themselves and come together in a space that allows them to feel a part of a community. By giving people a physical space to express themselves and by opening our doors to everyone we hope we have brought some amount of joy and inspiration to everyone who has attended and participated the past two years.
Having allies on the internet is important but being there physically where we can see each other is important too, especially now. As one of the most diverse cities in the world and home to immigrants and minority groups of all types, we feel especially proud to represent Los Angeles and the power it possesses as a unity made stronger through diversity.
We stay up late on school nights and hunker down on the weekends making comics so we can say “this is me, I am here.” Even while the climate of the world feels uncertain we will try our best to make sure CALA remains a bright spot for anyone who needs a reminder of why their voices are important and why it’s worth fighting for the things we love.
We hope you enjoy Comic Arts LA 2016. The future may be uncertain but we’re still here and we’re still making comics.
-Jen, Angie, Iris, and Jake, organizers of Comic Arts LA


There are a couple of ancillary events, as well, including a nearby open house, and tonight, Friday, a part for Peow at Gallery Nucleus

If you are anywhere near downtown LA, go, and then write a report for us here at The Beat!

The deets:

10am – 5pm
Think Tank Gallery
939 Maple Ave #200
Los Angeles, CA