After a long, eventful, exhausting convention season, it pretty much wraps up for a few weeks, at least in NYC with WinterCon, which is more of a SF con, but has a significant artist alley/comics contingent. The big draw here is a Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior reunion with the first convention appearance EVER by Emil Minty aka The Feral Kid.

The cast will be quizzed tonight after a special screening at the Alamo Drafthouse. :

Screening followed by conversation with Bruce Spence (The Gyro Captain), Vernon Wells, (Wez), Kjell Nilsson (Lord Humongous), Virginia Hey (Warrior Woman), and Emil Minty (The feral child).

This is sold out, but you may be able to get a VIP ticket that includes the screening package.

Other highlights:

• 35th Anniversary Reunion of the cast of MAD MAX: The Road Warrior (with a screening at Brooklyn’s Alamo Draft House on 12/2 at 7pm, Q&A with cast afterward)

• THE WARRIORS reunion (featuring James Remar and Michael Beck, among others)

• A Special Appearance By STAR WARS Cast Members – Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca), Mike Quinn (Nien Nunb/Ree-Yees), Garrick Hagon (Biggs Darklighter, Red 3), Jack Klaff (John D, Red 4) and Angus Macinnes (Rebel Alliance Commander Gold Leader).

• An appearance from THE WALKING DEAD’s Austin Amelio (Dwight) and Seth Gilliam (Rev Gabriel Stokes).

• An appearance from STAR TREK’s Nichelle Nichols (Uhura) Artist Alley with over 100 artists, illustrators and creators

• Vendor room with over 300 tables of toys, collectibles, comic books and more. Epic costume contest Saturday at 6pm

• A special Lightsaber performance starring The Empire Saber Guild.

• KIDS DAY on Sunday, half-price admission for kids 2-12 with a costume contest, Jedi training and a free lightsaber.

WinterCon is mostly an autograph con, but it has imaginative guests, and everyone from Uhura to George Lazenby, so it really spans the world of pop culture. Also it’s held at the Resorts World Casino and that is all kinds of weird. I was a volunteer for WinterCon last year so I could learn a bit of the inside on how a con is run and…well, I learned a lot. It will all be in my memoir. As I mentioned in my Rewind Con story, when nerds mix with costumes and artists and nerdlebrities who have a strong fan following, the result is a lively mix.