This week Dark Horse Comics will release The Ward #4. The final issue of the fantasy medical drama comes from writer Cavan Scott, artist Andres Ponce, letterer Mauro Mantella, and cover artists Ponce and Franco Riesco. Today The Beat is happy to share an exclusive first look at the story’s concluding chapter, which finds St. Lillith’s at the center of a supernatural crisis.

Here’s how Dark Horse describes The Ward #4:

A supernatural epidemic is sweeping the city of Kirton-sparing no one, human or not. The screams of the infected wail through St. Lilith’s with no cure in sight. Patients are spilling into the hallways and being turned away. Dr. Nat Reeves is doing all she can, but she’s just one person. Saving the city may require drastic measures . . .

Described as “Hellboy meets ER,” The Ward focuses on a secret hospital for supernatural creatures in the fictional city of Kirton. Back when the series was first announced, writer Cavan Scott described his inspiration for the series and its main character, Dr. Nat Reeves:

“I’ve always been fascinated in ordinary people doing extraordinary things in the most incredible of situations,” says Scott, “and that certainly describes the indomitable Nat Reeves as she plunges head first into a shift in the world’s only emergency room for supernatural entities. From murderous minotaur to gelatinous cubes with severe cases of food poisoning, no two patients are alike at St. Lilith’s.

“However, as we know from shows like E.R. and Grey’s Anatomy, the biggest dramas come from the lives of the medical staff themselves and St. Lilith’s is no different. As Nat navigates everything from the troubled birth of a giantess’s baby to a growing plague among the preternatural patients, she must also balance her life as a mother with the professional jealousies she faces every day in her job. Can she keep her work at St. Lilith’s a secret while protecting those closest to her?”

Check out the exclusive five-page preview of The Ward #4 (of 4) below. Look for the issue to arrive in stores and digitally tomorrow, September 7th.