If you’ve ever wanted to own the definitive version of Terry Moore’s Strangers in Paradise saga, it’s available once again in Omnibus form. Originally released as a hardcover, the 2400 page two-volume collection included what Moore considered the final version of the story, with censorship removed, and storytelling smoothed out. However, that edition is long out of print, as Moore explains on his website:

Five years ago 1,250 hardcover edition box sets were offered and sold out immediately. It was grossly underprinted due to low pre-orders. (Pre-orders paid for the printing and that was all we could print.)

Now, finally, we are making an affordable, softcover version. The Strangers In Paradise Softcover Omnibus box set includes the same two 1200 page books containing every page, every story ever printed relating to SiP! The price for this 2400 page collection in a boxed slipcase? $100.

I can’t make it any more affordable than that, folks. That’s 4 cents a page for a labor of love I spent 14 years making.

Moore and his wife Robyn have committed to a 5000 copy printing and they’re doing it the old fashioned way—no Kickstarter for this self-publishing warrior. They’ve paid for the entire printing and are using pre-orders to recoup.

The cost of printing the softcover Omnibus is shockingly high. But after 5 years Robyn and I have decided it will never happen if we don’t go out on a limb and take the risk. So we are printing the book at great personal risk, because we believe the fans and retailers will support us and buy the book once it is available. I’ve always believed in SiP. Now I’m putting my money where my mouth is. But I need your support.

An exclusive print will be included with every pre-order — It’s a good deal, folks!

A different print will be available with books ordered through Diamond.

Could Moore have raised more money to fund the reprint via crowdfunding?


But this way, he just has to print and ship his books, and not worry about all the reward fulfillments that have bogged down many a post-Kickstarter creator.


  1. Well, it’s time to push over all those Pocket Books, TPBs, HCs, and individual issues to make room on my shelf for this one…

  2. How did this comic end up being?
    I heard a lot of praise for it early on and tried it out, but found it to be a watered down Love and Rockets.
    I stopped after the first 20 or so issues, did it evolve into something else?

  3. Just a reminder – Marvel is asking us for 25$ for a five issue collection. These fellows ask us for FOUR times the money and in return give us around TWENTY times the content. I seriously consider buying it just on the principle of the thing.

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