As this year’s CW Arrowverse crossover has taken shape, the scale of the story has continued to grow with the addition of characters like Batwoman and Lois Lane. But the reveal last month that The Monitor would be appearing signaled that this may be the biggest crossover yet. Late in the day yesterday, Entertainment Weekly shared a first look at actor LaMonica Garrett in costume as the Multiverse’s protector:

The costume design is impressively faithful to both George Pérez’s original design for the character as he appeared in Crisis on Infinite Earths (below, left), and to the slight tweaking of that design debuted by Ariel Olivetti in 2006’s Brave New World one-shot (right):


Given The Monitor’s history of calling together heroes from different worlds for aid, it’s likely that the character is the impetus behind the forthcoming team-up of the heroes of Earths 1 and 38. Of particular interest in the promotional photo is the book that The Monitor is holding. The most likely choice for what that book is, outside of it being a new creation for television, is The Book of Souls, aka The Book of Destiny, which contains the entirety of everything that ever was, is, and will be. Perhaps The Monitor is holding onto it for safe keeping, or trying to keep it out of the hands of someone else. Could that be the reason The Flash, Supergirl, Green Arrow, Superman, and Batwoman are all brought together?

Whatever it is, we’ll all find out on December 9th, when the three-night “Elseworlds” crossover kicks off on The CW.


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