Back in March we reported the sad news that comics artist Norman Lee had disappeared while snorkeling the Cayman Islands, and was presumed dead. But in a strange twist, it turns out that an investigation into his disappearance is still open and the FBI has teamed with the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service for the hunt. The news was reported by Cayman 27, and no further details were released and the FBI would not comment on whether foul play was suspected.

Lee, 47, was snorkeling with his wife when they became separated. He never returned to shore and several days of intense air and naval search did not produce a body. Reports at the time said that a strong current had hindered the search efforts. Lee’s body has never been found.



  1. There’s nothing unusual in the FBI being involved in this case as they actually have an unit that solely looks at serious crimes involving U.S. Citizens outside of their normal jurisdiction. The lack of a body does not suggest the FBI believes him to be alive. nor does it suggest they think a crime was committed, just that they’ve got a disappearance which has more questions than answers at this point.

  2. used to see norman for years at the shows, where we would chit chat for a while until he had to get back to finishing a sketch or i had to get back to see if another artist had finished a sketch i commissioned. even met his wife once at one of the nycc shows a few years back, where the three of us talked about the boston con and if i made my way to the event , to look them up so they could show me some great places to eat in boston. a very nice and gracious lady and a great couple. i was shocked to hear of norman’s passing and the strange circumstances surrounding his disappearance. with the FBI involved, maybe this whole sad story will have some closure.

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