It looks as though The CW is going to have its own Avengers after all, or at least a live-action Brave and the Bold style team-up show…

Deadline has reported tonight that the network is developing a multi-superhero series featuring some of the characters that have debuted in Arrow and The Flash, including The Atom (Brandon Routh), Firestorm (Victor Garber and Robbie Amell), Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) and Black Canary (Caity Lotz). The latter is particularly odd, as Lotz’s version of the character died this season on Arrow.

There must be a Lazarus Pit somewhere, or her stories are set in the past perhaps?

Also, the report states three new DC characters that haven’t appeared yet in either existing series will debut in the new team-up show. Given that Vixen is appearing in a new animated series on CW Seed, it’d be a safe bet to assume that she might be one those referenced.

Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, Marc Guggenheim and Sarah Schechter will reportedly executive produce this new project, which may skip the pilot stage altogether and head straight to a series order.


  1. Interesting indeed. Methinks Lotz would have to come back to life as the Atom suit (presumably) was finished after she died. So either he goes back in time (unlikely as Firestorm didn’t exist before the particle accelerator blew up) or she comes back (more likely, plus she has better chemistry w/ Arrow).

  2. Interesting idea. Sounds like it could be fun. Maybe they’ll treat Black Canary’s return the way Kevin Smith wrote Green Arrow’s return in “Quiver?” Also, no one’s commenting on Captain Cold as a hero?

  3. I’m sure they could bring Sarah back in some way – maybe the person who returned to Starling wasn’t really Sarah? All sorts of options.

    Since she’s not really a character from the comics, and now that Laurel is Black Canary, I think you could have her still be just “Canary” and maybe wear white.

    But yes, there’s going to have to be some ‘splainin’ about Captain Cold. People in the comics tend to forget past crimes sometimes but I don’t think that’s plausible to a TV audience. Maybe it will be like a Suicide Squad sort of working-off-his-sentence sort of thing.

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