Last night twitter nation became one as never before—from Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato and Gerard Way to millions of tweeters in the streets around the world, everyone was obsessed with the optical illusion of what color this dress is:


After millions of tweets and thousands of blog posts just like this, it’s been explained that it is an optical illusion based on, uh, well, how we perceive light and shadow. Er, David Pogue explains it best here WITH A CHART!


While most people see the dress as white and gold, the funniest part of it all is that THERE IS NO WHITE AND GOLD DRESS. This mother-of-the-bride frock (a.k.a. not exactly a spicy number) comes in several color options, none of them WHTE AND AND GOLD:



Meanwhile, Roman, the UK maker of the dress, says sales are up more than 300%, with the dress sold out as of this morning. For those who find pink, red and white unsuitable, the still non-existant white and gold version may yet come to pass:

Aside from a surge of demand for the original blue and black dress (yes, that’s the real color combination), Johnson said Roman Originals has been inundated with calls from people who want a white and gold version, as the dress appeared to many online.

“We’re getting calls constantly — about 150 calls in the last 45 minutes,” Johnson said. He said the company was trying to figure out how quickly it could turn out the Internet-inspired version of the dress, estimating that turnaround time could be a matter of weeks if production is given the go-ahead.


  1. I first looked at an image of this dress 2 hours ago (3pm) and now it looks blue and brownish to me. WTF?

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