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No, really.

Jude Terror, formerly of the satirical comics news site The Outhouse, is joining Bleeding Cool as a staff writer. Rich Johnston made the announcement while claiming to have been against the hire:

I wasn’t consulted on this, obviously. Frankly, I wish he wasn’t now part of Bleeding Cool. I advised against it, but it seems my counsel was ignored.

That’s right, folks, it appears that all you have to do to get a job on Bleeding Cool is to spend years insulting me, creating deeply upsetting photoshop jobs of me, and impersonating me in a ludicrous accent that is, frankly, nothing less than deep-seated xenophobia of the worst kind.

And it can’t be denied that Jude Terror hates me. Dan Slott once described Jude Terror saying

That’s right, Slott and Johnston may have to TEAM UP against Terror, because the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Terror was a writer of some of The Outhouse’s funniest headlines, but also the controversial “Terror Manifesto” which advocated for blowing up the comics industry before it could kill itself.

So yeah, if you think that Bleeding Cool already writes made up stories, hiring Terror (whose real name is a closely guarded secret) will do nothing to unconvince you.

Terror made his goodbyes to the Outhouse yesterday:

Preferring to go out with little fanfare, Terror reportedly declined the opportunity to write a heartfelt goodbye post, choosing instead to use his last day to bring to light one of the most important issues facing the comics landscape today and plead with readers to take action.

“Buy Double Take comics,” Terror said. “Click on the ad banners to the right for more info.”

Perhaps more than anything else, Terror will miss the readers of The Outhouse, a fine group of intelligent, discerning individuals who choose to get their comic book news and commentary from the most cynical, consistently negative site on the entire internet, despite the fact that Terror uses basically the same five or six jokes over and over again, repackaged for different articles.

“They may be a bunch of thin-skinned, backwards-minded, argumentative assholes,” Terror told sources. “But they were *my* thin-skinned, backwards-minded, argumentative assholes, and I’ll miss being called an SJW by them on a daily basis.”

As to where Terror is headed, the former snarkmaster remained tight-lipped, even amongst his most trusted associates.

This leaves the Outhouse without its two founding members, Christian Hoffer and now Terror. Will they soldier on? Or is it time to dig a new hole for all the shit?



  1. Terror is so appropriate for Halloween, I’m still unsure it’s not some co-branding hoax?

    – “Rich Johnston made the announcement”

    What this man says is true, that he’s no journalist. Is that why he called the site “The Outhousers” instead of “The Outhouse”?

    – “Terror was a writer of some of The Outhouse’s funniest headlines”

    Oftentimes, even the article themselves were funny. Such as the recent, “BREAKING: Diamond Booth Finally Arrives at New York Comic Con, Ready for Business”.

    – “Terror made his goodbyes to the Outhouse yesterday”

    And taking that plural literaly, he posted a second goodbye article some hours after the one you linked to.

    – “This leaves the Outhouse without its two founding members, Christian Hoffer”

    Maybe that could be linked to your article about it from last year?

    (P.S.: Despite your “the outhosue” tag, I’m not aware of their having been sued?)

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