It wasn’t just Buzzfeed and Huffington Post that withered away this week, The Outhouse, the long running satirical comics news site, is ending its run in a week, as reported by Lord Simian, aka Robert Morris. It’s sad, but the site had lost its edge since its two leading lights – Christian Hoffer and Jude Terror – left. In the early days, The Outhouse specialized in ultra snarky headlines that I much admired and would often steal from, but with solid reporting and insightful analysis behind the snark. As a kind of Gawker/Onion for comics, it slayed some sacred cows – including this very site – and kept slamming away on Marvel and DC for their obvious bobbles, including the “Has DC Done Something Stupid?” clock. Terror has the definitive obit but reports that some of the contributors are planning start another site.

I very much enjoyed The Outhouse. In a time of dwindling independent journalism, it’s never good to see something end, but I hope something new and good comes from it.

Meanwhile, it’s been a while since a comics site had an editor in chief step down, but Comicosity’s Aaron Long is leaving the site.

But luckily Matt Santori is taking over the site, another strong voice out there who should continue the site’s record of hosting insightful writing about comics. The Beat wishes Santori good luck – it’s hard running any comics site or entertainment site, or anything these days.



  1. Meh. Always thought Outhousers thought they were too clever for their own good. Jude Terror is the worst and is not funny at all.

  2. “solid reporting and insightful analysis”

    Jude Terror went to Bleeding Cool, so he’d obviously had enough of those.

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